What Do Medical Billing Services Do For You?

What Do Medical Billing Services Do For You?

A medical billing service submits health insurance claims on behalf of your patients. This requires special expertise in the procedures relative to your specific medical discipline. An audiology clinic, for example, has markedly different billing needs than a general practitioner, or a podiatrist.

At Healthcare Revenue Group, we staff experts in each of these fields. We help all kinds of practices to maximize revenue by offering insurance credentialing services to expand your network, and streamlining your billing procedures using eCW (eClinicalWorks) software to keep perfect track of your accounts.

Healthcare Revenue Group and eCW

Most importantly, eCW improves patient outcomes. It saves you time that can be better-spent on patient-focused care, and that makes everybody happier.

eCW vastly increases the visibility of your revenue management process. The insights it provides allow us to provide more effective consultation regarding the evolving needs of your practice. In today’s environment, this kind of deep insight can make all the difference for the success of your practice. Where are the places where you are leaving revenue on the table? We can see this clearly, and advise you on how to move forward more effectively.

We have added specific tools to the eCW platform for our clients that improve patient balance management. Using eCW through HRG, you can accept electronic recurring payments through a smartphone app.

You can keep a patient’s credit card on file and take an automatic recurring payment. This allows you to, for example, devise your own hearing aid payment plan, or a leasing program that includes benefits like free cleaning. Practices are finding that programs like these keep your patients returning to your office, so you can check in with them regularly and make sure their needs are being met.

Billing-Related Communication

We handle communication with insurance providers as well as patients, when it comes to questions regarding insurance claims. We establish a phone line specific to your practice, in your area code, that patients can call with questions about denied claims and other billing questions. While our services reduce claim denial to as little as 2%, we also handle denial management on your behalf.

Reducing Claim Denial

A major part of denial reduction is understanding patient eligibility. We understand this better than anyone, and we’ll make sure that you don’t promise coverage where it is most likely to be denied. This is especially true in the hearing care industry, where the changing landscape of hearing care insurance poses new challenges and opportunities on a regular basis. While insurance that covers hearing aids is still relatively rare, there are major opportunities for practices that are “in-network” with providers who do cover them.

A Wide Net for Increasing Revenue

Your practice is focused on helping the people in your community, while HRG helps to ensure that your practice maximizes revenue by partnering effectively with the right insurance networks. We have unique expertise in the hearing care industry, including marketing expertise for growth-oriented practices. We consult on a wide variety of topics related to growth and increased profitability for hearing care practices, audiologists, podiatrists, and other medical practices.

HRG has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our company was started by former practitioners who experienced the pain points of medical and hearing care billing, credentialing, and growth by solving problems in their own practices. We understand the industry in a way that few others do, which is how we are able to bring so much value to our clients.

The Benefits Are Easy to See

At HRG, we don’t rely on long-term contracts. We rely on the effectiveness of our methods and services to ensure that you will want to continue working with us. When you partner with Healthcare Revenue Group, you’ll see your bottom line improve as your collections are increased. The turnaround between billing and reimbursement will shrink, reducing your accounts receivable. And, as the process becomes more efficient, your collections costs will go down.

It’s really a win all around: We help you to find more opportunities to partner with insurance networks, we reduce the time it takes to be paid by them, we reduce the percentage of denied claims, and we establish an eCW system that helps us to advise you on your next best steps. Call Healthcare Revenue Group today to set up a consultation and find out what we can help your practice to thrive!

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