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Podiatrists choose Nemo Health’s TRAKnet practice management software because it is designed specifically to meet the challenges and opportunities of Podiatry practices. The platform provides outstanding tools and features that can help you improve billing to capture maximum revenue – but only if you use it to the fullest.

Healthcare Revenue Group (HRG) is here to help you unlock the full power of TRAKnet. Our experienced podiatry billing experts know this platform well, one reason we know so many podiatry practices are missing out on key benefits.

When you choose HRG as your billing partner, you can be confident in building your practice’s future to reach your full potential. For more than 20 years, we’ve built our own business based on referrals from those who know us best – our clients, industry consultants and peers.

Why walk when you can run? Partner with HRG and watch your practice accelerate. Here’s how.

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Podiatry Billing Expertise

At HRG, we understand Podiatry billing. Our expertise helps you get paid faster and avoid costly write-offs. Is your billing vendor or staff familiar with these Podiatry Billing topics:

  • Same and similar Podiatry DME code groups and billing rules
  • Using ABN’s and GA modifiers for DME billing
  • Routine foot care and use of Q modifiers
  • Referring provider date last seen for your diabetic patients
Better Business Decisions

Podiatry is not the same as other types of specialized practices. That's why you chose TRAKnet. When it's properly set up and fuly implemented, you can tighten and improve billing to boost revenue, get valuable date to manage the business side of your practice more efficiently and enhance patient experience.

Patient Outcomes
Taking full advantage of TRAKnet not only brings in more revenue, it saves precious time. You and your staff can devote that time to your highest priority - the care and wellbeing of your patients.
Podiatry Expertise

reputation. expertise. trust.

It takes more than a vendor to maximize financial performance within your practice. HRG works as a strategic partner, using a holistic approach. First, we’ll review and analyze your current processes to uncover gaps and opportunities for improvement. Then we’ll get to work implementing the latest Podiatry trends and best practices – and every TRAKnet benefit available – to help grow your practice revenue. And we’ll use HRG’s own proprietary systems and workflow to pick up where TRAKnet leaves off.

  • Utilize TriZetto for Claims Submission and Rules Engine Configuration
  • Statement Management
  • US-based Patient Financial Services Call Center
  • Workflow Training
  • Patient Payment Options
  • Payment Posting and Credit Card on File Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management and Collection
  • Responsive billing team and regular performance meetings
  • Billing fees exclude over-the-counter revenue


Healthcare Revenue Group podiatry clients are growing and thriving, thanks to their partnership with HRG and our focus on continuous improvement. Your practice can benefit, too, capitalizing on TRAKnet to:

  • Eliminate expensive and frustrating collection delays by assuring billings are handled accurately and quickly the first time
  • Smooth cash flow to shorten your revenue cycle and provide greater financial predictability
  • Boost your bottom line and profitability with increased revenue and reduced cost of collections

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