Billing Services for Your Hearing Care Practice

Billing Services for Your Hearing Care Practice

Insurance billing works differently for hearing aids and hearing care services than for other medical billing. An approach that works for standard medical billing will result in missed opportunities for audiology and hearing care practices. Healthcare Revenue Group understands these differences. We review hearing aid insurance payer contracts and payment rules, and we know how to maximize reimbursement. Don’t enlist a standard medical billing company to handle billing for your hearing care practice—let the experts at Healthcare Revenue Group give you peace of mind and maximize your results.

Oversight Billing Management

Communication between your practice and an insurance provider can be time-consuming and costly. While some insurers will cover the cost of a comprehensive hearing exam, another may not. We will make sure that all covered procedures are billed and compensated by every insurance provider you work with. And if the provider fails to compensate you for procedures that ought to be covered, we’ll ensure that the oversight is handled, so there are no unnecessary surprises for your patients!

Guaranteed Profitable Contract Billing

One of the surest ways to lose a repeat patient is to bill them for a larger amount than they agreed to. At the same time, you don’t want to lose money due to a misunderstanding regarding an insurance provider’s offer. We’ll ensure that the contracts you establish with your patients are ultimately profitable, without requiring a surprise additional cost when the insurance company fails to compensate as expected.

Accounts Receivable Under Control

There are a number of ways that our services help you manage and/or reduce accounts receivable. First, we interface with insurance providers on your behalf. We take on the responsibility of ensuring that claims are paid in a timely fashion, and as described under contract.


Second, every insurance oversight results in either lost revenue for you, or surprise costs to your patients. Neither of these outcomes is desirable, and surprise costs may be paid much later than billed. Your accounts receivable can swell for months or years, waiting for payments that were expected to come from the insurance company to come directly from the patient.


Third, we keep track of every insurance billing rejection and denial. We handle these discrepancies for you, so you can stay on track doing what you do best.


By applying our expertise in the hearing care industry to designing contracts as well as collecting payment from insurers, we ensure that accounts receivable are kept to a minimum. You can rest easy knowing that your services will be remunerated in the near term.

Full Service for Patient Statements

We will work with your patients directly to help them understand and take advantage of their insurance policies. We provide a unique, local phone number associated with your practice, working as part of your community to ensure that your patients get the most out of their policy while you are fairly compensated.


Insurance policies are often complicated, and the literature associated with them is difficult to understand, for those outside the industry. Patients are bound to have questions regarding their policies, and we’re here to answer them and ensure that your patients understand the procedures to which they’re entitled through their policy, and which (or what percentages) must be paid out-of-pocket.

Staff Training

While we handle all billing related to insurance claims, we don’t want to interfere with your ability to bill your patients directly. This requires coordination with your staff to ensure that billing is handled appropriately, and at the appropriate times. We’ll train your staff to work with our oversight system to ensure that billing and collections are conducted in a timely and efficient manner.


Whether you’re a new practice or an established part of your community, choose Healthcare Revenue Group to handle billing for your audiology or hearing care services. Especially if you’re looking for medical billing services, please keep in mind that the insurance industry handles audiology and hearing care quite differently than other medical billing. Healthcare Revenue Group has the experience and expertise to navigate the insurance industry for audiology billing and hearing services billing, maximizing both your revenue and your patients’ satisfaction!

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